Numeracy Carnival

Numeracy Carnival- Join Us!!!

Wednesday, April 13

Grades K-4

We want you to join us! Your child will be participating in our school numeracy carnival on Wednesday, April 13th.Students will have the opportunity to visit stations and play fun math games. This event is designed to help students and parents find the fun in math through learning math games that support the development of key numeracy skills. If you join your child, you will have the chance to win a take home collection of math games so the math fun can continue at home! If you would like to join your child at the carnival, please meet your child at his/her classroom at the beginning time stated below:

For a copy of the games click HERE




Orientation (Stepan)


Miss Vibe

Miss Plant

Mrs. Hischebett


Ms. Vargo

Mr. Johnson

Mrs. Pechey


Mrs. Gottselig

Mrs. Radford


Mrs. Schuchardt

Ms. Delparte


Ms. Huber

Mrs. Taylor

Mrs. Peters

Mrs. Pechey