Thursday, March 23  is Twin/Triplet Day

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Friday, March 24 is Conference Day

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On Friday, students along with their parent(s) will be participating in conferences

Teachers have scheduled times for families to come in and participate.

If you require an alternate time than the one provided by the teacher

or you are unable to attend, please contact the school as soon as possible


Happening This Week

Happening this Week


Monday, March 20  

Boys Basketball Playoff Game @ Ready


Tuesday, March 21   

TCBY Grades 1-3/4 – Noon

    Girls Basketball playoff game

Literacy Ed Camp for Grades  pm for Senior grades


Wednesday, March 22   

  TCBY Grade 4-8 – Noon                    


Thursday, March 23 

   SLC Twin/Triplet Day


Friday, March 24

  Conference Day /School only during your scheduled time


Ecole Wascana Plains - Website

Ecole Wascana Plains - Website

The new website is up and running!  Access information regarding the new school by using the the following link:

Child Care Announcement for École Wascana Plains School


École Wascana Plains Child Care Announcement

Information regarding child care services for the school communities of

École St. Elizabeth Catholic School and École Wascana Plains School

Beginning September, 2017

Can be found HERE

Happening This Week

Happening this Week

Monday, March 13     Ehrlo Bake Sale

Tuesday, March 14    Ehrlo Bake Sale

-                                                                            TCBY Grades 1-3/4 – Noon

-                                                                            Boys Basketball Playoff Game @ Ready

-                                                                            SCC Parent Forum – CRP – 7:00 PM

Wednesday, March 15    Ehrlo Bake Sale

-                                                                                      TCBY Grade 4-8 – Noon

-                                                                                       Literacy Fair – DPS- Grade ¾

-                                                                                       Girls and Boys Basketball Playoff Games @ Ready

Thursday, March 16     P.D. Day for Staff / No School for Students

Friday, March 17   Teachers' Convention / No School for Students


Coming Soon 

March 24thConferences/Celebration of Learning 



Many events/activities happen each day at W.F. Ready School!

Please refer to the School Calendar on the top right-hand side of this page

Telemiracle Fundraiser

This year Ready will be raising money for

Kinsmen Telemiracle 41

Telemiracle is a 20 hour telethon that raises money for people with specialized medical needs

and those needing medical equipment.  All funds raised stay in the province of Saskatchewan.


  We will be selling Helping Hands at Ready starting Monday, February 28th – Friday March 3rd

Helping Hands are $1.00. 

Daily draws for individual prizes and as well as prize for the classroom that donates the most! 

Thank you for your support!


RAK Week is Feb 27 - March 3

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Kindness is contagious!!!

The positive effects of kindness are experienced in the brain of everyone who witnessed the act,

improving their mood and makig them significantly more likely to "pay it forward." 


The week of Feb. 27 is RAK  week at W. F. Ready School. this week helps us to continue to build our culture of caring with our school.

Monday, Feb. 27 - Manners Monday

Tuesday, Feb. 29 - Thankful Tuesday

Wednesday, March 1 - What Can I do for you Wednesday

Thursday, March 2 - Thoughtful Thursday

Friday, March 3 - Friendship Friday


***Donations for Telemiracle Helping Hands - All Week***


Winter Break

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No School Feb. 20 - 24

Pink Shirt Day

Thursday, Feb. 16

Wear a PINK shirt day

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