W.F. Ready Important Dates

January to March

Mindfulness Presentations K to grade 8- Jan 30th

January 31st Progress Reports

Beat the Winter Blues Week February 3rd to 7th

Feb 11th SCC Meeting 7:00 PM

Feb 14th Joys Urban Special Lunch

February 28th Ramtastic Assembly 10:00 AM

March 4th- Ready To Lead Public Speaking

March 16th to 19th - Scholastic Book Fair

March 19th- Three Way Conferences/Celebration Of Learning

March 27th- Ramtastic Assembly 10:00 AM


High School Open Houses - Discover the Difference!

Explore unparalleled choices and opportunities open to all students throughout Regina.

Get the information you need on academic and extracurricular activities, as well as our unique programming such as Advanced Placement, Campus Regina Public, Martin Academy and the Balfour Arts Collective. Experience the best school spirit anywhere!

For complete information please view the Open House poster:  click to view

Advantages to Being on Time to School

  • Smooth transition period - students who arrive at school with time to spare have the opportunity to settle into the classroom, prepare their materials and focus their minds on the lessons to come.
  • Important information – a typical school day starts with announcements and introductions to new lessons and concepts. Students who show up late may miss out on important details and be unprepared for future class events or key learning concepts.
  • Develops long-term positive habits – when students show up on time to school every day, they develop the habit of being punctual with important commitments. 
  • Self-esteem - arriving on time every day makes children feel good about themselves.

Arriving on time for school ensures that your child doesn’t miss out on the important learning activities that happen early in the day when they are most alert.