W.F. Ready Important Dates

W.F. Ready School Updates

PD Day October 26th all day

LifeTouch Photo Retakes- November 3rd 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Three Way Conferences- November 9th all day

Remembrance Day Holiday- Wednesday, November 11th

PD Day November 20th- all day




Here are some of the changes that we continue to follow;

Limited Access


Only staff and students will be allowed to enter the building.  Parents and community members are asked to call the office if needed.


Adjusted Start Times, Recess and Lunchtime

Recesses will be moved to the beginning and end of the day to limit large group movement.  Morning Recess will be from 8:53-9:08 AM and afternoon recess will be from 3:22-3:37 PM.  Students that return the permission form will be allowed to leave at 3:22 PM.  Students will be in their own classroom for lunch.  Half of our classrooms will have recess at 11:45 AM and the second group will have recess at 12:30 PM.

Alternative Entrances

We will be utilizing six entrances instead of our regular three to allow for more space when entering the building.  The map has been included to show the locations.


Limited Access and Student Drop Off Points

Division Office is asking for parents that drive their children to school to pick a spot farther from the entry points to minimize congestion.

Wear a Mask

All grade 4 to 8 students will be required to wear a mask and kindergarten to grade 3 students are recommended to wear a mask.  Make sure to label masks.


Cleaning Protocols

Division Office will be doing an extensive cleaning of each room including all surfaces.  Washrooms will also be cleaned and disinfected 3 times per day.


Regina Public Schools E-Learning

Online learning is an option for all students within Regina Public Schools.  Registration information can be acquired by contacting the school..

Proactive Response

We will be limiting large group movement within the school.  Specialist teachers will move to the student’s classroom this year and we will not be having any assemblies or large group events until we are given clearance.  Library resources will be collected and brought to the classroom by teachers.  Students will have physical education outside.